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2HP 1500W Ice Blender (BL-767)

7L Potato Spring Deep Fryer (Gas)

Automatic Deep Fryer Gas (17L) with Timer and Drain Stainless Steel

Bubble Waffle Machine (Gas)

Bubble Waffle Machine Electric (1.4 KW)

Burger Press Patty Maker (10 cm)

Chicken Roaster & Chicken Wing Grill Machine (Electric)

Chicken Roaster Grill Machine (Charcoal)

Chocolate Fountain 3-Tiers (Stainless Steel) 170W

Chocolate Fountain 3-Tiers Mini (65W)

Chocolate Fountain 4-Tiers (Stainless Steel) 180W

Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Melter (20W) YM-2