WHY Usahawan.com?

The only one stop Malay and Muslim entrepreneur’s platform in Malaysia as well as the most strategic resource center for the fast moving forward young Malaysian entrepreneurs towards competing precisely in this challenging conglomerate world of business in an effort to benefit and assist the IKS community.

            Most of the machines available at Usahawan.com are designed superbly to enhance and assist the food manufacturers in producing larger scale of products and fulfill sufficiently and appropriately the current market demands. IKS entrepreneurs nationwide should not fail to grab this golden opportunity offered by Usahawan.com because marginal profit from their machine’s investments would be revealed clearly within a few months after utilizing the machines.

            At Usahawan.com preliminary entrepreneurs are not only guided to the correct machines of their own choices which are suitable for their IKS businesses and productions but also spared with excessive stocks of ready mixed ingredients for preparing fast snacks such as Takoyaki, waffles and various types of dough which is available abundantly at any time round the clock. Together with the machines Usahawan.com also offers the finest and top quality mixtures of raw materials like refined flour, baking essences and flavorings that would become the favorite choice for the customers.

            Besides IKS food processing and multi-purpose machines Usahawan.com also stocks various electrical appliances for printing and stationery and they are indeed very useful to entrepreneurs in this business. They include almost every apparatus in the printing and stationery activities from printers to ink and their supplementary.

            Are thinking of souvenirs, presents and gifts for any occasion or celebration? Ushawan.com has the solution for most of your needs because here is where we provide you with raw materials and ready printed items like plagues, tiles, trophies with all sorts of designs and models. Do take your time to visit our showrooms in the HQ or our branches in Sungai Petani and Johor Bahru.

            Beginners in entrepreneurship should grab the golden opportunity and facilities provided by Usahawan.com especially in training and guiding them with various techniques in upgrading their sales and marketing which is now mostly operated on-line throughout the nation. Other benefits that we can offer and share with them are the advertising techniques, demonstration of works and other essential needs which become important factors for new comers in this IKS business to equip them once they jump into the ocean of entrepreneurs and dive towards victory. So make sure that Usahawan.com becomes your main tour guide and at the same time your resource center for your needs and appliances.

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